What is emotional design?

Emotional design is the development of products that trigger desired emotions and promote positive interactions between the user and them. Communication with people requires them to comprehend their target audience.

Emotion, Design and the Connection

Every object you see can trigger feelings. Even CAD though your emotions are individual they are able to be explained through emotions.

A feeling is a method to help people learn more about the world that surrounds them. An experience that is negative will help you avoid making the same mistakes again.

Visceral Emotion Designer design is a reference to our initial reaction to a new product.

The alternative is Behavioral Emotional Design. This shows how user-friendly an item can be. It’s how well the product is in performing its intended purpose and how simple to utilize.

Design with reflection is the inventor final choice. It’s the capability to show the impact of a product on the way we live. Designers wish to increase the potential of having the product reflect the level of reflection.


Normal brain function is affected by emotional triggers. Stressful experiences could cause brain function to be impaired.